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Photo:  Dan Ramsey, former president of the National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men (seated in cart), said it is a great “fit” for UM Men to be in an affiliate relationship with the volunteer-driven organization that provides $300 hand-crank mobility carts for people without the use of their legs. There are 24 shops across the U.S. and in Zambia. Pictured behind Ramsey and the 50,000th PET mobility cart are (from left) Von Driggs, Mobility Worldwide director of operations. Scott Walters, executive director; and Jim Conn, board chair.

PET International changes name

UM Men organizations will continue to provide financial support and parts for hand-driven carts for people with handicapping conditions, they will now be doing so for “Mobility Worldwide” instead of PET International.

A tag line will read: “Providing Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Carts to the World’s Most Vulnerable People Since 1994.”

“We are at a crossroads in terms of our long-term growth strategy,” said Board Chair Jim Conn. “It is absolutely critical that we attract more supporters whether they are volunteers, donors or both—and the new name will help potential allies learn of us easier online and also make that instant rapport.”

Part of the change in name comes from people who use web browsers. A search for “pet” takes them to animal websites, and not to “personal energy transportation”.


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