Planning for the future

By Steve Nailor

I had the honor of attending an April meeting of Louisiana Conference UMM in Alexandria, La.

I flew to Houston where NACP President Dan Ramsey and I had a great time sharing thoughts about how to strengthen men’s ministry during our 245-mile care ride to Alexandria.

At their request, I shared the four-year plan of Northern Illinois Conference UMM with the Louisiana men. They said they would use the plan as a template going forward.

Now that General Conference is over, it may be time to help other conference organizations develop similar plans.

Some conferences already have 4-year plans they modify annually; some will find it easy to develop one, but others may find it is difficult.

It’s important to have a functional structure for your UMM organization; it’s more important to identify goals and plans to achieve them. Every group also needs to establish measures of accountability in areas they determine to be important to their conference and the NACP.

The establishment of a 4-year plan is not meant to make life hard, it is a way to achieve success in prioritized areas of ministry.

You will soon be hearing about “Connect and Equip,” a training program for local church, district, conference, jurisdictional and national leaders of UM Men.

For now, though, be thinking about ways to make a difference in your area of service.

I am always available to assist. If I cannot help, I will find someone who can.

Please keep the national leadership team in your prayers as we begin this journey together “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Remember the only way we fail is if we let it happen.

Praise be to God!

Steve Nailor, president elect

National Association of Conference Presidents

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