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Police chaplain distributes 260 devotional books to officers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.––Jo Ann Keith, ICPC Law Enforcement Chaplain for the Little Rock Police Department and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, distributed 260 copies of Strength for Service to God and Community to members of both groups.
Following the suicide of a deputy in the Sheriff’s Office, Keith prepared a “Letter of Proposal” for consideration by a mission team of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock.
“In the proposal, I attached the “2015 Police Suicide Facts Report,” stating that suicide is the number one cause of death among law enforcement officers today,” says Keith. She enclosed a copy of the book of daily devotions for first responders.
The church generously responded to the request.
When presenting the books, Keith tells the officers how much she appreciates the dangerous work they do. She mentions Romans 13, in which Paul calls for people to place themselves under the authority of the government, since that authority comes from God.
“The officers realize that they are not alone, and that we, as chaplains, are praying for them every day,” says Keith. “They are out there serving and protecting each and every one of us.”
Keith says she plans to send proposals to additional groups asking them to host fund-raising events.


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