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Presidents of UM Men set ambitious plans

NASHVILLE, Tenn.––The National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men set ambitious plans during their Feb. 22-25 meeting.

The presidents set plans to:

  • Form additional Wesley Class Meeting groups, either face-to-face or using live video conferencing.
  • Participate in “Amend Together,” a program of the General Commission on UM Men and the Nashville area YWCA to eliminate domestic violence.  The pilot testing for this product is in its final stages and will be available in May.
  • Distribute copies of Strength for Service to God and Country to patients in Veteran’s Hospitals.
  • Encourage UM Men organizations to participate in “Sound the Alarm,” a program of the Red Cross to install smoke alarms in neighborhood homes.
  • Increase the number of chartered churches by 10 percent.
  • Provide funds for hunger ministries through the Meals for Millions program of the Society of St. Andrew.
  • Increase the number of connections with men of all ages in every church, district and annual conference.

During the four-day meeting, Gil Hanke, top staff executive of the men’s commission, noted this network of men’s ministry is the largest and best organized denominational ministry in the world.

The Rev. Rick Vance, director of men’s ministry for the commission, said the most important question to answer is “why” we do things.  General Conference added the “why” to making disciples –“for the transformation of the world.” He told the conference presidents that what and how they do things must be consistent with their “why.” “When your ‘why’ is big enough, the ‘how’ is easy,” he said. “We all had two great days: the day we were born and the day we discovered ‘why’ we were born.”

Greg Arnold, a deployed commission staff member, said three things are necessary for an organization to thrive: 1. People who believe in what you’re doing; 2. A product that is worth working for; and 3. a process, or a way to help you do what you want. Greg says, we have the people, and the Good News of Jesus Christ as the product. We lack a good process. He introduced “Facebook Work Place” as way for conference and district presidents to assist one another.

Steve Nailor continues as NACP president. Herman Lightsey was elected vice president; Wayne Prejean, second vice president; Lee Donley, secretary; and Donald Davis, treasurer.

Mark Dehority, Jim Boesch and Mark Lubbock provided participants with clear job descriptions for officers of UM Men organizations and ways to recruit men to fill the positions. “Every unit should have a recruiter,” said Dehority. “Unity comes from having a shared purpose: ’To glorify God and edify and build up others’,” said Boesch.

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