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Reflections on Give Day

By Gil Hanke

We continue get donations––mostly in the form of checks.

We have also received funds by text, email, and calls to the office.

While I don't see all the donations, the largest gift that I saw from an individual was $1,000. I'm sure some donations exceeded that amount.

One person set up a match for the men of his church. If they raised a certain amount, he would match it; they did, and he did.

One guy had a birthday last week, so he did a Facebook deal and designated his birthday gifts to the commission.

A 16-member UMM organization agreed to send in $250. 

Former and current board members have given and importantly, we were gifted by people who are new to us. They gave because someone said, “This is a worthy ministry.”

I treasure each gift, from the largest to the smallest. But one gift was overwhelming. We received a check for $50, from a gentleman who I doubt I have ever met. I will call him RG. He lives in a conference that has not had any leadership in men’s ministry or scouting ministry for several years. He included this note with his check:

Dear UMM,

I’ve been keeping your mailing on Give Day to see if I have enough money to send you some. I’m 93 years old and in a retirement nursing home with my 90-year-old wife. Our medical bills pile up. but I think we can do it. It’s only $50, but I feel it’s all I can do now. God bless your mission. RG.  On the memo line of the check, he wrote, “Casting Nets in New Waters.”

Thank you for your support of our many ministries.

I am excited about some of those “new waters” where we are working. Thank each of you for your gifts and prayers on Give Day. The gifts will be used to bring more men and youth into an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


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