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Scout Sunday 2018

By Larry Coppock

The recognition of youth and adult leaders is an important moment in the life of UM churches. Scout Sundays (February 11 for Boy Scouts and March 11 for Girl Scouts) are appropriate times to present awards.

More than 327,000 Boy Scouts grace the rooms, basements, and sanctuaries of 7,000 UM churches each week. They learn to live out the Scout oath and law. In addition, 128,000 adult leaders direct and support their activities at troop and pack meetings. These volunteers make enormous contributions to local churches and communities.

In addition to individual Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects, troop projects increase the value of church property and benefit underprivileged populations. These faithful servant leaders donate thousands of volunteer hours and they expect nothing in return. Inspiring stories about their efforts are highlighted quarterly in Scouting News.

So, what do we ask of you?

Take steps today to ensure that people engaged in these selfless acts receive appropriate recognition on Scout Sunday.

Awards to consider:

Good Samaritan Award. The award recognizes a young person between the ages of 6 and 30 who demonstrates the attributes of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37).

The Cross and Flame Award. The award recognizes adult leaders who have given exceptional service to young people.

The Shepherd Church Charter Recognition. An award presented to churches with outstanding youth-mentoring programs.

To download brochures for these awards, click here.

The plans you make today will make February 11 and March 11 very special.

We want to hear about your Scouting Ministry Sunday. Please send us a brief (one-paragraph) article and action photo for potential publication in Scouting News.

God’s blessings,

Larry W. Coppock, director of scouting and youth-serving agencies

General Commission on UM Men




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