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Strength for Service distributes 5,000 books at Memorial Day observance

DALLAS––Three teams of veterans and first responders participated in an accumulative 11,500-mile march from three locations for a 20-hour Memorial Day observance here.

When participants in “Carry the Load” arrived at the 46-acre Revershon Park, chaplains and volunteers handed out 3,500 copies of Strength for Service books to participants.

Marchers coming from the East, Midwest and West handed off the American flag every five miles in honor of veterans and first responders. During that 32-day march, the Strength for Service ministry passed out an additional 1,500 copies of the books.

The three groups heading for Dallas included

  • A 4,600-mile West Coast route from Seattle that started April 25
  • A 3,000-mile East Coast route from West Point that started April 29
  • A 3,900-mile Midwest route from Minneapolis that started May 3

Upon their May 26 arrival in Dallas, some 30,000 law enforcement officers, firefighters, active duty military and veterans, and the general public braved the 90-degree heat to honor loved ones and others who paid the ultimate price. The event featured music, inspirational speeches, stories of fallen heroes, and flag ceremonies.

“We met some wonderful people including Clifford Stump, a 94-year-old World War II medal of honor winner,” said Larry Coppock, top staff executive of the Nashville-based Strength for Service ministry. “Mr. Stump flew a glider that was released behind enemy lines during the Normandy invasion. He was pleased to receive a copy of the book first published for World War II soldiers.”

Carry the Load was founded in 2011 by two veteran U.S. Navy SEALs who wanted to honor veterans and those who gave their lives for America. What started as a mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day has broadened to include more than just our military heroes and more than just the one holiday. Carry the Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring our nation’s heroes.

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