Success at staying unstuck

By Gil Hanke

Have you ever been stuck? In many ways we as churches and as a country are stuck. But I see some remarkable ways we are getting unstuck.

Yes, we need to follow the rules about masks and social distancing, yes, our most recent annual conference was, or will be “unique.” But, here are four actions which will help you get unstuck:

  1. Recently, we had three separate Class Meeting training sessions going on at the same time on Zoom. They are now completed; each of the participants is setting up a similar Class Meeting within his church, district or conference. These meetings make disciples of Jesus Christ, so if you have guys in your church or district who would like to start an 8-week training that will literally change lives, let me know.
  2. Hundreds of men (and some women) in the UMC recently attended at least one of the three online “Days of Prayer” sponsored by UM Men in U.S. jurisdictions. These have been remarkable and are unlike any previous jurisdictional events in the last 25 years. More are scheduled.
  3. People are finding new joy, simply by checking up on others in their churches. We used to do this for our shut-ins, but, who in your church is not, at some level, shut in? A personal email, or picking up the phone, or sending a personal text message, brings delight for both parties.
  4. Many of you are reading good books that bless you, challenge you, and entertain you in positive ways. Friends of yours are hungry for a great book and would appreciate your suggestions of what has helped or delighted you. My suggestions are: The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood; The Walk––Five Essential Practices of Christian Life by Adam Hamilton; and In God’s Image by Derek Maul.

For a host of reasons––Get unstuck.


Gil Hanke, chief executive officer

General Commission on UM Men

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