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The Bible in 50 words

By Larry Coppock

When we first started the leader letter, it was given the moniker ‘e-leader’ by virtue of being sent electronically to UM men and scouting leaders.

As I considered my submission for October, I recalled a column I submitted to the UM Men magazine when we first started the commission in 1997. These fifty words continue to describe the Bible in a manner that still resonates with me. I pray it has meaning for you as well. Perhaps share it with a youth Sunday school class or some other appropriate venue or setting.

The Bible in 50 Words

by Dana Livesay, Wanganui, New Zealand

God made

Adam bit

Noah arked

Abraham split

Jacob fooled

Joseph ruled

Bush talked

Moses balked

Pharaoh plagued

People walked

Sea divided

Tablets guided

Promise landed

Saul freaked

David peeked

Prophets warned

Jesus born

God walked

Love talked

Anger crucified

Hope died

Love rose

Spirit flamed

Word spread

God remained


Larry W. Coppock, director of scouting and youth-serving agencies




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