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The UMM Foundation supports Scouting

By Steve Nailor

There is a father absence crisis in America. According the 2020 U.S. Census, 18.3 million children live without a biological father in the home. Since 1920, the UMC has supported Scouting programs which help youth through mentoring, life-long learning, enriching faith, serving others, healthy living, and building character.

In 1981, it appeared the UMC was about to drop Scouting. Leaders of UM Men then created the UM Men Foundation to ensure the ministry would continue.

That 40-year tradition has continued, and for the last six years the foundation has annually contributed $114,500 for the Office of Scouting Ministry. Our board of directors, meeting in March, 2021, agreed to continue the same level of support for the 2021-2024 quadrennium.

While that 10-year annual gift is significant, it does not cover the rising costs related to this ministry.

There is a need for increased funds to build a larger and stronger base to support current and future programming.

How can you become involved in helping to build these funds for the Scouting Ministries?

There are three simple ways for you to give to this vital ministry: monthly, annually, or through estate planning.

As an example, if you choose to fast one meal a day, each week for an entire year, at $10 per meal, you would be able to give $520 each year. The interest derived from these funds is the only money used in ministry. The foundation is striving to raise sufficient funds to secure the future for the scouting program and other ministries for decades to come.

Personally speaking, I receive the biggest blessing in life when I help others through my ability to provide opportunities to change the lives of young men and women.

I pray the UMM Foundation grows to a point where it can make major differences in the lives of  many families through Scouting. The future of God’s kingdom belongs with our children (Mark 10:14).

Will you consider making a difference in their lives today?


Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation


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