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They are waiting for you


By Mark Lubbock


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7


Over the past year I’ve identified a clear pattern of something new and wonderful taking place.


God is moving in the hearts of young dads to step up to do something in ministry with men. Interestingly, most of the men I’ve encountered are not connected with any UM Men organization. Indeed, many have never even heard about the national organization or the general commission.


It has always been God’s call to offer everyone we meet a personal invitation to visit our church.

How do we find and connect with this new wave of leaders? It may sound obvious, but the saying, “If you don’t look, you will never find” rings true in this case.


We should view every encounter with men as an opportunity to invite them to participate in our men’s ministry activities.

Each district might provide a printed UM Men calendar that includes the activities and contact information for every group and church in the district. Handing out the calendars with person-to-person invitations would go a long way toward increasing the number of participants.


Want some great ideas for activities and men’s groups? Try this free download “Expand Your Ministry To Men”. Another useful resource is the book How To Disciple Men, available at Amazon on this link.


Mark Lubbock, a certified men’s ministry specialist and deployed staff member \

General Commission on UM Men




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