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UM Men by the numbers in 2019

9                  People inducted into the John Wesley Society.

18                Susanna Wesley Awards.

28                Life Achievement Awards.

40                Men currently certified as mens ministry specialists.

46                Scout leaders trained the Philmont Scout Ranch.

88                Conference presidents and prayer advocates attended a March training session.

90                Men who taught Disciple Bible Study in state prisons.

99                Years of partnership with Boy Scouts of America

150              Hearing aids ready to give to Haitian children by Hope of Hearing when political conditions allow.

170              People currently certified as scouting ministry specialists.

310              Handicap ramps built by SAWS in three states.

475              UM Men engaged in an 8-week AMEND study of domestic violence.

1,720           Tons of literature delivered to 28 different countries by Love Packages.

2,338           Number of EMS members.

2,700           Volunteers at Love Packages who worked with six employees to provide literature to 50 million people.

3,111           Churches with chartered Scout units.

3,258           Number of chartered churches.

3,631           P.R.A.Y. Awards given by 799 UM churches.

9,058           Strength for Service books distributed.

9,344           Scouting units in UM churches.

25,245         Dollars contributed to the Upper Room Prayer Line.

106,498       Dollars provided by UM Men to Society of St. Andrew Meals for Millions.

153,984        Participants in UM Men organizations according local church reports.

264,940       Prayer requests received by the Upper Room Prayer Line in 2018.

300,710        Pounds of produce gleaned with Society of St. Andrew.

486,003       Youth served by scouting units in UM churches.

3,549,933    Servings of food provided by UM Men through Meals for Millions.

16,691,507   Dollars spent on UMM projects according to local church reports.

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