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UM Men give $150,000 for hunger relief

NASHVILLE, Tenn.––Support of UM Men for the Society of St. Andrew through the Meals for Millions program stands at $150,000, an amount that provided 7.6 million serving of food

In a report to the conference presidents of UM Men, Wade Mays, director of the Meals for Millions program, said he is working with leaders of UM Men to increase 2018 contributions.

“The Society of St. Andrew is very grateful for every donation to our ministry,” said Wade.

Last year, funds from Meals for Millions supported 17 hunger relief advocates who led 1,250 volunteers to pick up 714,565 pounds of fresh food for America’s hungry. This hunger relief initiative was begun in 1998 by the Society of St. Andrew, the General Commission on UM Men, and the NACP.

The top 10 conferences supporting Meals for Millions:

  1. Northern Illinois                $18,691
  2. Virginia                              $12,254
  3. Baltimore-Washington       $10,629
  4. Indiana                               $9,883
  5. Detroit                                 $6,648
  6. Missouri                              $5,330
  7. North Carolina                     $4,448
  8. Susquehanna                      $4,154
  9. Oklahoma                            $4,045
  10. West Ohio                            $3,827



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