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UM Men approve links with 22 organizations


During a May 6 Zoom meeting, the General Commission on UM Men, approved four organizations as affiliate partners, eight organizations as affiliates, and 10 as endorsed organizations.

Affiliate partners are organizations within or attached to the commission with an exchange of funds.

Affiliates have close relationships with the commission, but no funds are exchanged.

Endorsed organizations are ministries and missions the commission recommends to local churches and other UM or ecumenical groups.


Affiliate partners


National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men

Conference presidents train leaders of UM Men at all levels.


The Society of St. Andrew

Volunteers glean farm fields and bag fruit for hungry families.


Strength for Service

Non-denominational group provides daily devotions for military personnel and first responders.


United Methodist Men Foundation

Volunteers raise funds for Scouting ministries and men’s ministries.



Affiliate organizations


Boy Scouts of America

Leaders provide training and advancement experiences for young people.


Big Brothers Big Sisters

UM Men mentor boys, especially those whose parents are incarcerated.


Girl Scouts of the USA

Volunteers provide scouting experiences for girls and young women.


Mobility Worldwide

Men build hand-crank vehicles for handicapped people in Third World countries.


Programs of Religious Activities with Youth

Christian education for young people in four age groups.


The Upper Room Prayer Center

Opportunities for people to post prayers on website.


Wesley Men

Men provide Advent and Lenten guides and feed the hungry.


Live Bold Ministries

An on-line ministry strengthens the faith of men around the world.



Endorsed organizations

Denominational Men’s Ministry Leadership

An ecumenical group of leaders of men’s ministry share ways to reach men.


The Hope for Hearing

Children in Haiti receive hearing aids.


Lead Like Jesus

People learn leadership techniques employed by Jesus.


Living Waters for the World

A high-tech system changes disease-causing water into clean drinking water.


Love Packages

People in Third World nations receive free Christian reading materials.


Man in the Mirror

Men learn ways to reach the unchurched.


Rise against Hunger

Long-lasting packages of dried food provide emergency meals to hungry people.


Servants at Work

Plans help UM Men build handicap ramps.


The Upper Room Emmaus Ministries

A weekend spiritual experience changes lives.


Wesleyan Building Brothers

Men improve relationships with their families and others.






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