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Use your RMD to support your foundation


By Steve Nailor


It goes without saying 2021 had some interesting twists and turns. We go along for a while and think things are getting better during the pandemic and then things change.


The UM Men Foundation is no different. It has its peaks and valleys also.


As we have gone through this year, we have had some exciting times. We have been able to start the Heritage Fund, which is a general fund for supporting a variety of outreach ministries. We received $22,044 though one man’s estate who wanted to make a difference in men’s ministry, and we received two $5,000 gifts which increased the fund to $32,044.


You can help this fund grow. Those of us who are above age 70½ are required to make Require Minimum Distributions (RMD) from our IRAs each year. You can avoid paying tax on this distribution if you ask your IRA to make the distribution directly to the foundation.


Take some time to read the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:13-21). Many of us have been blessed, like the young man in the parable. It's easy to adopt the mindset that acquiring stuff can bring us happiness, meaning, and security. But, as Jesus says in the parable, life is more than our possessions. God doesn't intend our blessings to stop with us. He means for them to flow through us.


You can go here to make a gift from your computer or ask your financial adviser to send a gift from your RMD to the foundation.


Giving makes us feel happy, trusting and connected.


Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation



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