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Walk through your unclear future


By Bishop Gary Mueller


There are times you’re clear about just how unclear you are about your future. It may be because of a diagnosis of cancer, the looming Special Session of General Conference or any of a million other things that can unexpectedly turn your life upside down in an instant.


These events force you to deal with shattered assumptions, and to figure out what’s next and find a new normal. While you don’t like having to do it –– and may grieve deeply every step of the way –– you can deal with almost anything that happens. But beware. There are traps waiting to ensnare you every single time you think you’ve got all of the uncertainty in your life under control so that what was an uncertainty becomes a disaster.


There is a way you can avoid these traps - at least most of the time.


Give up the illusion of thinking you can handle it by yourself and, instead, go all in with God who can’t wait to give you what you’ve been looking for all along.


Sure, you’ll continue to feel pulled back-and-forth between trying to do it all by yourself and trusting God in a deeper way than you ever have before. But you can do it - over and over and over again if need be.


Just keep choosing God who created you in God’s image.


Just keep choosing Jesus who does for you what you can never do on your own.


And just keep choosing the Holy Spirit who fills you with comfort, purpose and power.


Sure, you’ll still have to do your part. And it may be hard. But you’ll be doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. And that will help you walk through your unclear futures every single time.


Bishop Gary Mueller, vice president

General Commission on United Methodist Men



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