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We are still members of Jesus’ faith community

By Jim Boesch

Many people long to return to their churches now because they feel that is where they have been fulfilling God’s call on their lives. They want to see and be seen in those familiar, comfortable surroundings where they have been doing church for generations.

For centuries this family trip to church on Sunday has provided the people a snapshot of whose they are and who they are in Christ Jesus. Attending church services seemed like part of God’s master plan to be reconciled with Him.

Many are struggling today with the fact that they have been abruptly separated from their comfortable church campus. They fear their church will never get back to being even a facsimile of the great place they routinely experienced pre-Covid-19.

But could we now have the opportunity to provide everyone with ways to continue to be part of Jesus’ faith community?

Could this be a God-sized opportunity for Followers of the Way to be made whole and empowered again even when doing church in a vastly different way than they did in early March when the world seemed good and stable?

The fact is most Christians have not physically attended a corporate worship service for more than two months, yet many faith communities are reporting increased attendance at worship services provided by Zoom, Facebook and other streaming formats.

Many Sunday school classes and weekday small group meetings are now being held electronically, and with increased numbers.

Being a part of Jesus’ faith community is to glorify our creator God through corporate and personal worship. It’s also about becoming a transformed disciple, and being obedient to the daily direction of the Holy Spirit.

In spite of Covid-19, we can continue to be members of Jesus’ faith community.


Jim Boesch, a certified men’s ministry specialist and Florida-based staff member

General Commission on UM Men





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