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Western North Carolina UM Men call men to oppose intolerance, the objectification of women and domestic violence

Folowing a contentious election, the executive board of Western North Carolina UM Men urged men to oppose hateful rhetoric, domestic abuse, the acceptance of racial inequality, and the silence of church members when a reedeming word is needed.


A Statement from the Executive Board of the Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Men

Recent world and national events and the 2016 political season have raised concerns that can no longer be ignored. The coarsening of civil society, the objectification of women, the racial divisions, the hateful rhetoric have increased to a point that is no longer tolerable. The Church and society are divided over issues of homosexuality, gender equality and racial disharmony. Violence has erupted in some cities where there is fear and mistrust between segments of the community and law enforcement. We must speak out!

As men, we declare that these ills have simmered in the underbelly of society for far too long and can no longer be tolerated.

We can no longer be silent while domestic abuse rules many families;

We can no longer be silent when women are treated as less than equals;

We can no longer be silent while racial inequality continues to be an acceptable practice and attitude;

We can no longer remain silent while the Church fails in its mission of unconditional love, redeeming grace and ministry to the last and the least.

The time is long past due for real men to stand up and speak out. We are the leaders of families, churches and communities, commanded to be positive male role models, to move the Kingdom of God forward to a new day of peace and reconciliation.

Therefore, we, the Executive Board of United Methodist Men of the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, recommit ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ to the ideals of Christian servanthood, equality and unconditional love.

We call on all men to stand united against the sins pervasive in our society, reject the call of those who would divide us, and recommit ourselves to show the evidence of God’s saving grace and forgiveness in our personal lives.

We can no longer remain silent and will shout it from the rooftops and in the highways and byways that men must step up and take a stand. We can no longer tolerate inequality and intolerance, for we are real men.

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