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What the world needs

By Jim Boesch

Our world doesn’t just need disciples; it needs disciple-makers.

God isn’t calling us to just become disciples of Jesus Christ; He is calling us to glorify Him by maturing in our faith to become disciple-makers for Jesus Christ.

You have most likely heard the adages of “you can’t do what you don’t know” and “you can’t sell what you haven’t bought yourselves (thanks Gil!). Thus, it should stand to reason that in order be the disciple-maker God plans for you to become, you must first become a disciple.

Jesus called 12 men to become fishers of men.

He knew they would first have to know what a disciple looked like, acted like and died-to-self like. It was through a 3-year stumble-their way-to-faith process that they finally became disciples.

Jesus knew that his task of seeking and saving the lost would be fulfilled by His followers. He equipped each of them for his specific role as a disciple-maker.

As we deal with a changing landscape, our objective has not changed: “Coach men to thrive through Christ so others may know Him.”

Our ability to grow personally as disciples of Jesus Christ has not been affected by increased isolation, but our charge to disciple-makers has taken a hit.

As Jesus modeled, our role as disciple-makers is best achieved in community. That continues to be a challenge in 2021.

Commit yourself to transforming lives by whatever means possible. If you can safely gather physically, then gather. If safety concerns limit you to electronic gatherings then make that your means of disciple-making.

As Paul told members of the Church at Corinth, when we plant seeds of faith in God’s name and for His glory, He will produce kingdom fruit (1 Corinthians 3:6).

Jim Boesch, deployed staff member

General Commission on UM Men



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