UMM is working to implement a new model and vision of men’s ministry. We believe that the result will be men involved in all four areas of focus which will reach the world for Christ. United Methodist Men are responding to the four areas of focus in the following ways:

New places for new people and renewal of existing congregations…

  • Awakening and building new spiritually as a means to revive congregations.
  • Training clergy and lay leaders in effective discipleship of men.
  • Encouraging and equipping men to serve their pastors and congregations as ministry partners.
  • Assisting UMC leaders beyond the USA with relevant training and resources.

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Stay Committed

By Dan Ramsey

“Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will succeed.”

Proverbs 16:2

During this Advent season, I look back over the past four years as your NACP president and I think about the millions of lives that have been changed from the inside out by this ministry.

I will never forget the lives you supported by giving Strength for Service to God and Community devotional books to firemen and police officers. I can assure you that you made them feel wanted and supported.

I can imagine the faces of small ones who were able to take meals home after you bagged rice and beans at the NACP meeting.

Young people may never know of your financial support, but they will never forget their experiences in scouting.

I also think of thousands of hungry people who have been fed and the lives that have been changed by the Lord through your support of the Society of St. Andrew.

All across the country and the world you became involved in ministries that made a difference. Even the close times you spent with a friend or loved when they were hurting, you lent the ear or held their hand.

Your gifts have blessed many––even people you don’t know.

Thank you for stepping up to the plate and going on offense to move forward in God’s game plan.

“It’s all about the offense.”

I hope everything you do is done because of your commitment to the Lord.

Sharing Christ with everyone you meet is what the Lord calls us to do. If you are strongly committed to placing your works to the Lord, you will be successful.

This is my last Advent article as your NACP president. I believe we have made the difference in many of local, district and conference units of UMM over the past few years. We will always remember to let them know how God is our strength and by his grace we all can work for his good in our communities and around the world.

Remember, “Great is thy faithfulness!”

Nancy and I send all our love to you and your families as we come to the end of 2016. I appreciate each of you, even if I have not met you. I know that we will all celebrate together when we are called home. I look forward to that great day.

Keep up the good fight and look forward to the day you hear these words. “Well done thy good and faithful servant”!

“Because He lives!!!”

Dan Ramsey, president

National Association of Conference Presidents


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