Men invited to create life-long reminders

Sample Paver
Photo - Sample paver

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –– UM men are invited to purchase life-long reminders of those they love or wish to recognize on engraved pavers on the walkway in front of the Nashville office of the General Commission on UM Men.

Purchase of the pavers will not only honor a loved one, it will also support the international ministries of the commission.

Engraved pavers come in two sizes: 8" x 8" ($500) and 4" x 8".($200). One hundred percent of the donation is tax deductible.

How to order and pay?

To order call Marc at 615.620.7262, or order online now with the following instructions. Scroll to the bottom of the page under “Payments” and enter the dollar amount, then out to right side enter the information to be put on the brick. Please start with BRICK then the two lines for the engraving: Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, Somewhere, TN.

Order online now!