scout ring patch

100th Anniversary of Methodist Scouting Service Ring Patch

$ 3.50


To purchase this Scouting Service Ring Patch there are requirementts:

(Complete a minimum of 5 requirements)

1.  Write a short biography about Lord Robert Baden-Powell and Rev. John Wesley.  Highlight the major accomplishments of each man.  Describe how both men demonstrated "Duty to God."

2. Visit a Methodist Heritage site. (Http://  Share with your fellow Scouts what you learned.

3. Participate in a Scout Sunday Service at a United Methodist Church.

4. Write a short essay or create a project that demonstrates how you perform you "Duty to God."

5. Earn the appropriate Religious Emblem for your grade level.

6. Complete a church service project that benefits the chartered organization or a community mission.

7. Participate in an offering supporting the World Friendship Fund. (For more information, visit

8. Invite a friend to come see your pack, troop, or crew in action.


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