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108 ways to expand your ministry to men

  1. Charter your church with the General Commission on UM Men to receive a boatload of helpful information.
  2. Encourage men to become an EMS (Every man shares in evangelism, missions and spiritual life).
  3. Become a Legacy Builder.
  4. Obtain a copy of Guidelines for Leading your Congregation in men’s ministry.
  5. Invite a small group of men to participate in a computer-based weekly gathering based on Wesley’s Class Meetings.
  6. Use an interest finder to determine what kinds of groups your men might find inviting.
  7. Encourage men to oppose domestic violence by watching this video and using this discussion guide.
  8. Honor a leader by making him a life member or inducting him or her into the John Wesley Society.
  9. Host a United Methodist Men’s Day.
  10. Subscribe to UM Men magazine.
  11. Host an “unconference” event with topics selected and addressed by participants.
  12. Sign up for a free bi-monthly newsletter produced by GCUMM agency staff and officers.
  13. Host an Upper Room Prayer Line.
  14. Honor a woman with a Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence.
  15. Provide an endowment for the United Methodist Men Foundation.
  16. Participate in Wesley Building Brothers.
  17. Contact GCUMM staff about engaging in a Lead Like Jesus training event.
  18. Invite a men’s ministry specialist to help you discover new ways to reach men; contact GCUMM staff for lists of specialists near you. Consider the possibility of becoming a specialist. Take the first step by attending a course in Understanding Men’s Ministry.
  19. Consider purchasing “I am a United Methodist Man” parchment.
  20. Order UM Men shirts, hats, pens and other merchandise.
  21. Participate in Walk to Emmaus.
  22. Visit a webinar on Crafting a Vision for your men’s ministry.
  23. Visit a webinar on Goal Setting, Implementing & Feedback
  24. Link to Goals Worksheet

Mission Projects

  1. Develop your personal mission statement.
  2. Support Hope for Hearing.
  3. Raise funds for Meals for Millions.
  4. Sponsor a potato drop with Society of St. Andrew
  5. Serve at a soup kitchen.
  6. Perform home maintenance/repairs for elderly church members; build handicap ramps.
  7. Make repairs to church building and provide maintenance work on church grounds.
  8. Visit homebound church members
  9. Give copies of Strength for Service to God and Country to troops at nearby posts or give copies of Strength for Service to God and Community to local first responders.
  10. Support Strength for Service with Home Depot purchases.
  11. Join the Strength for Service Society.
  12. Read to children at school
  13. Participate in a field gleaning project through the Society of St. Andrew
  14. Participate in an “Adopt-a-Highway” program or clean up a city park.
  15. Lead Disciple Bible Study classes at a state prison
  16. Prepare cleaning buckets or health kits for UMCOR.
  17. Offer financial education classes to your community,
  18. Offer nutritional education classes to your community.
  19. Collect supplies for a food pantry.
  20. Sponsor an outing for seniors.
  21. Volunteer at a hospital or VA clinic
  22. Build mobility carts for PET International.
  23. Volunteer to serve at a clothing or food bank.
  24. Entertain patients at a children’s hospital.
  25. Manage the church website or blog and link the site to a listing of activities sponsored by your UM Men organization.
  26. Adopt a local elementary school, provide lunches, and volunteer as after-school tutors.
  27. Be a big brother for an at-risk child through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  28. Plant and tend a community garden.
  29. Provide transportation for elderly church members and people with handicapping conditions.
  30. Prepare care packets for deployed troops; include Strength for Service to God and Country.
  31. Participate in a Stop Hunger Now packaging event.
  32. Sponsor a camping trip or canoe trip for children and their fathers and grandfathers.
  33. Hold a “movie night” at the church.
  34. Sponsor a men’s motorcycle or bike ride.
  35. Send Bibles, Sunday school literature and other Christian material to Love Packages.
  36. Help feed hungry people by fasting one meal in one year (FAM1LY).
  37. Engage in a Bible Study on Hunger.
  38. Become involved in a short-term VIM mission trip


Youth ministries

  1. Invite a scouting ministry specialist to help you evaluate your youth ministries. Get names of specialists near you from GCUMM staff.
  2. Volunteer to be a leader for a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop or a Venturing crew.
  3. Lead a PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth) class (former God and Country Awards).
  4. Honor leaders of youth with a Cross and Flame Award or a Torch Award.
  5. Give a Silver Torch award to regional or national BSA leader
  6. Arrange to honor your BSA troop with a Bishop’s Award of Excellence.
  7. Host a Bishop’s Dinner for Scouting.
  8. Honor a youth with a Good Samaritan Award,
  9. Link to a Scouting Ministries Webinar.
  10. Give youth camp scholarships or help them fund mission trips.
  11. Take a Cub Scout pack to a museum, the zoo, or a ball game.
  12. Sponsor a youth sports team.
  13. Provide New Testaments for high adventure BSA camps.
  14. Help your church receive a Shepherd Church Charter Recognition.
  15. Offer to serve as confirmation mentors


Money Raising Projects

  1. Sponsor a day at a local amusement park, professional ball park or zoo. Arrange for reduced prices with proceeds benefiting mission projects.
  2. Sports night banquet (invite members of a youth sports team)
  3. Bake Sale
  4. Mother/daughter banquet,
  5. Peanut sales
  6. Father/son dinner
  7. Sweetheart dinner and dance
  8. Barbecue
  9. Chili cook off
  10. Congregational dinner
  11. Fish fry
  12. Pancake breakfast
  13. Wild game dinner
  14. Arts
  15. Craft fair
  16. Antique auto show
  17. Provide parking on church lot for modest fee on game day
  18. Recital program
  19. Bazaar
  20. Fruit sale
  21. Sell apparel with UMMen logo
  22. Sell Christmas trees with Boy Scouts
  23. Sponsor a church-wide yard sale
  24. Silent auction
  25. Operate booth at county fair
  26. Host a Bowl-A-Thon
  27. Join youth in sponsoring a car wash
  28. Fishing competition
  29. Golf tournament
  30. Mothers' Day dinner
  31. Sponsor a 5K or Bike-A-Thon

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